Employers can easily create an employer account on freeC following our introduction.

However, there are a few notices for Employer before beginning their journey with us at freeC.asia
Registered email must not be duplicated with any email in any account (including Job Seeker and Employer Account) on freec.asia.
Each company/ business/ company branch/ can create a main Employer Account known as Company Account on freec.asia, other Employer Accounts from the same company/ business/ company branch will be shown as Member Account.

How to create an Employer Account on freeC

Access to https://employer.freec.asia/
Click on the button Register

Fill in the required information => Click Post Jobs for Free to create an Employer Account.
You have read and agree to freeC's Terms and Privacy Policy by signing up.

Employer now can freely experience our features on freeC's platform

For further information or support, please contact freeC through:
- Email support@freec.asia
- LiveChat https://freec.asia/chat-with-support
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