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How To Invite Member To Employer Account

freeC members have worked hard to provide features that are conformable to Employers' needs in both recruitment managing and assuming responsibility for raising brand awareness. Every company/ company branch having responsible for recruitment process will be granted to have a main Employer Account Company Account at, other Employer Accounts from the same company/ company branch can work under the name of Member

Admin Employer Account can follow these steps below to Invite Members:
Log in to Employer Account at
On the homepage of freeC, hover to the Avatar section on the top right corner and select Team members.

Select Invite member

There will be a pop-up form as shown above. Employer can add information of the invitee such as name, email address, role and select Send invite.
NOTE: Inviting Member only works for emails that has not been registered on freeC platform.

Employer can check the progress in the Invitations tab. If that member does not receive any notification, Employer and resend invitation or delete this member from the list.

Invited member will receive a confirming email from freeC. Select Join Now and updated contact information to finish.

Member Account can start using freeC service right after logging into the platform.

For further information or support, please contact freeC through:
- Email
- LiveChat

Updated on: 14/09/2022

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