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How To Re-open A Job Post

After finishing the recruitment process, Employer can follow the step on How To Close A Job Post. If Employer wants to use that particular Job Post again, they can follow the steps below to save time posting a hiring post on freeC.

Login into an Employer Account at
Choose the tab Job Posts
Select the tag Closed and choose the closed job post that needs to be opened again.
On the right corner of the Job Post, select Re-open Job

After adjusting the job information (if needed), Employer can choose Save & Preview.

From here, Employers can preview the recent Job Post from the Job Seeker view on both Desktop and Mobile platforms. After finishing reviewing, select Publish to proceed.

After finishing all the steps above and will be
That Job Post status will change into In Reviewing
freeC will complete reviewing the Job Post in 1 - 2 working days.
Once the Job Post is approved, its status will change to Published and will be visible on freeC website for Job Seekers at

For further information or support, please contact freeC through:
- Email
- LiveChat

Updated on: 12/09/2022

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